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We’ve skilled just how long scraping new websites will take. Scraping can be extraordinarily slow, and it can slow down the charge at which you create back-links for your web page. Luckily, we’ve got an extremely powerful, dedicated server that lets us scrape GSA target websites for SER unexpectedly. When you upload your GSA listing of SER-proven websites to your verified web sites listing folder, you’ll be capable of start developing hyperlinks at once, while not having to undergo prolonged and sluggish scraping. We make use of hundreds of keywords to crawl GSA goals of SER on a normal foundation to make sure that we’re able to capture as many websites as we are able to.


What are SER Verified Lists?

  • GSER Verified List is a cloud-based total carrier that could supply thousands and thousands of GSA pre-demonstrated live objectives at once to the GSA Search Engine Ranker… enhancing your GSA rating and SER in a matter of minutes and completely! It’s here … GSA SER Verified Targets is the GSA-established SER Target System you’ve been expecting!

What are the reasons to take into account giving this a shot?

  • Filtered Pre-Filtered GSA Verified SER TargetsAutomatically sorting the thousands and thousands of verified SER goals into contextual-simplest goals PA/DA objectives with excessive MOZ and objectives with low OBL. Our gadget can even sort to perceive GSA Captcha Breaker-handiest support targets.
  • 24-Hour Real-Time Synchronization
  • We are adding thousands of new splendid targets each day so that you will never be a quick target to the goal!
  • Removes Dead and Spammed Targets
  • Our cloud-based total service filters out low-exceptional objectives that could have an effect on ranking … therefore you’ll most effectively get hold of low-OBL focused domain names with excessive authority that can right away boom ranking!
  • Solution for Beast LPM and VPM
  • The handiest upgrade to enhance VPM and LPM Simply plug it into the hole, switch it on, and look at as our innovative GSA Verified Target System begins to enhance GSA SER, and boom your SER’s LPM, VPM, and nice rank to your campaigns week after week or month in and month out!

More Details:

This is a widespread update on this GSA SER-tested list of car-accepted URLs. In the route of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve found that many websites listed on our earlier listing aren’t working anymore This might be because many organizations are unable to be sustained and are closing in the midst of the Coronavirus. This manner that a massive part of GSA SER lists is precious. On the tremendous side, we’ve been able to scrape many new websites, which might be a signal that human beings are launching their personal web sites during the COVID-19 epidemic due to the fact there is greater time. We’ve looked at the performance of lately scraped websites and discovered that lots of them are incredibly new and feature 0 junk mail and well-maintained domain profiles, with properly authoritative domains (MOZ) as well as consider flow, low citation waft, desirable Alexa visitors, and extremely good one-way link profiles. We have eliminated all websites which can be dangerous and were bombarded with unsolicited mail because there’s no well worth in them in the end, you’ll want to cast off those dangerous inbound links. A clean listing allows you to create stable and wonderful one-way links. We’re always trying out new approaches to boom the achievement price of hyperlink building and reduce junk mail. In order to accomplish this, we’ve eliminated reproduction domain names in cases in which there are various URLs because whilst you put up to the same internet site the use of identical content or hyperlinks it’s miles probably that you’ll see your links eliminated. We also randomly looked after the domain names on the way to make sure that you do now not submit to identical websites (blog posts) with an affordable delay. If you’re posting multiple messages and one-way links it’s miles more likely to have an incredible price of achievement. Along with including GSA-approved website lists, we’ve blanketed the achievement hyperlinks, which means that you are capable of uploading your content, but, it will likely be reviewed through a moderator or administrator. If you are taking an extended minute running to enhance your content material and you’re able to have a high approval price. The cutting-edge list contains extra than 4 million web URLs on all systems. Alongside this GSA Search Engine Ranker listing and a list of forums, we also put into a reputable listing of every discussion board round all over the globe (around half one million) and weblog posts (around 4 million). If you are seeking to carry out huge postings on boards or blog publishing, then you could download one or both of the lists. Forums are increasingly vital for Google’s ranking elements, as I will describe them in the following paragraphs. Backlinks from blog posts are awesome to index your Tier 2 and three hyperlinks, but you have to now not submit them on your bank website because it is able to result in penalization.


As you’re probable to understand, Google launched a core set of rules update in May 2020. In its evaluation, Google will remember to follow hyperlinks, and Author authority will be a key ranking aspect. So, while you submit hyperlinks, ensure to add the call of the writer and make some social media pages to promote this writer. Google will prioritize articles written which can be written via professional authors over posts written by way of non-authors. Brand mentions in forum posts and on websites which can be authoritative are actually a primary ranking issue because it shows that a domain is popular due to the interplay of social media inside it. A unique thing to don’t forget is Google will categorize and classify websites with authority with the aid of adding them to its authority list while they may be featured on excessive-authority websites like Forbes, CNN, BBC, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Tatler, Vogue, Grazia, and many greater. The Covid-19 virus has brought about important changes in scores due to the fact human beings’s seek behavior have modified during the period of the disease. It is plain that topical relevance is the keyword to take into account at some point of this update. These sites of authority are also called “seed web sites. We in my view have discovered from the modern-day replace. We inspire you to behavior your personal examine.

April 2020 We have delivered more than six million websites to GSA’s Search Engine Ranker Verified List on all internet platforms. We’ve targeted on bringing in web sites with excessive DA (Moz factors) websites with excessive consider and occasional citation glide (Majestic factors). In our modern-day scrapes, we’ve determined severa new websites that have a low OBL that are extremely hard to discover the use of search engines. We have taken out a massive number of harmful websites with an extremely excessive score for junk mail. Additionally, we have narrowed the listing to get rid of famous PBN websites. Alongside our GSA Verified listing of SERs We have added wonderful files, considered one of which incorporates) each forum within the world and two) blog remark websites.

March, 2020The complete GSA SE listing is reorganized to cast off all non-resolving domains and those that have been “verified”/require admin approval earlier than posting. We added a hundred and fifty,000 websites that have extraordinarily low OBL profiles and superb area measurements (Moz DA, Majestic trust waft, Alexa traffic, and so on). We also have eliminated web sites that have extremely high OBL and coffee-excellent metrics. These are websites which have been penalized by way of Google or have the ability to create negative backlinks for your internet site. The modern list includes an outstanding set of top excellent web sites on all devices. We have added extra than a hundred UK labeled directories.

January 2020The complete GSA Search Engine Ranker listing has been checked and updated over the span three months. We’ve employed over five hundred dedicated proxies to crawl all serps for over 7,000 niches as well as micro-niches. This has helped us acquire more than 6 million websites in almost every niche! The listing consists of a lot of emblem-new websites. The grasp listing is damaged into documents with one hundred,000 URLs according to record on the way to make lists less complicated to manage, mainly while you add them to GSA SER. We strongly advocate that you reflect onconsideration on using XEvil in addition to Xrumer from Botmaster Labs to resolve Google captchas of snap shots due to the fact that many superb and extremely good websites use Google photo captchas.

November 19, 2019This is the large update which you’ve desired for so long. The complete GSA SER Verified List consists of greater than 6 million validated goals which you could submit to and get terrific one-way links. We’ve been scraping a list of greater than 400000 boards with HREFER a tool evolved by way of Botmaster Labs (authors of XRumer and XEvil) that allows users to look for forums throughout the globe strolling across all platforms. This is a notable addition to the list. Also, we’ve taken the decision to approach matters otherwise, making the system easier through combining our lists from the past and present right into a single master report, which we’ve broken up into multiple files to make it easier to add. We also ran each internet site through verification software and removed all lifeless sites. We also have excluded many web sites which have a excessive score for unsolicited mail (were again and again spammed!) because you don’t desire to percentage your statistics with these. This whole list is straightforward to access these days. All you want to do is add the web sites you need to be on and the software program will determine the platforms and then submit to them.

July 2019, (Update 2) Update 2:we have taken down the vintage web page lists because of the truth that a number of them have stopped working, and people that do are being sprayed with unsolicited mail to demise that can result in a Penguin penalty. We have up to date our listing of demonstrated web sites, a big portion of that have minimal OBL and are exceedingly new. Ideal for first get admission to advantage in the vicinity of backlinking is worried.


July, 2019We have completely revamped our lists, putting off the preceding listing that changed into collected during the last 12 months, and changing it with an up to date list of focused sites that have low OBLs. In all, there are approximately 2 million URLs. The majority of websites are noticeably modern and clean, and aren’t being spammed to dying! To be capable of use them for ancient purposes we’ve covered an archive document with the lists of web sites from earlier than However, we advocate in opposition to the use of it because you do now not want to make severa inbound links to websites with staggeringly excessive OBLs.

April 2019, Fresh lists had been put in an additional folder. I’ve additionally delivered the list of submissions that have been accepted hyperlinks (but that aren’t demonstrated). These links are critical and feature a first rate approval charge, as you’re now not making a declaration that is honestly spam. Also, submitted correctly however, they do now not have low OBL (outgoing of the backlink’s profile) that is greater useful for SEO. I’ve started using the Xevil software from Xrumer and, if not the use of it but I would quite recommend it for even better performance, particularly whilst Google Captcha for pictures is used.

April 2019New listings have just been updated to servers 1 to five, that have captured the most up-to-date web sites. I’ve bought more effective servers. This has helped me make extra unique and complete lists quicker.

January 2019 introduced a verified GSA listing of SERs from dedicated servers that have been in operation for more than a year. You must import all files in each folders to the GSA marketing campaign for SER. I’m working on a 3rd committed server, and it’s far presently being up to date with new web sites! I can be uploading them throughout my subsequent improve.


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