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Buy Clickadu Accounts

Today, we are all familiar with advertising networks that function as a bridge between web-based sites and advertisers. Clikckadu can be one of the most popular. Clikckadu is the ideal platform to advertise your products by utilizing online advertisements.

What Is Clickadu?

In 2014, Clikckadu first came into existence. the first to be launched as an advertising network. Then, it continued growing and has now been the fastest-growing one. Clickadu allows advertisers to increase their earnings through online ads.

When Clikckadu first began it’s journey, for the first time, they had pop-under advertisements. However, the situation has changed. Today, they offer various formats for monetization. The monetization process is expanding as are the new ones.

Buy Clickadu Accounts

Advertising Formats of Clickadu

HTML0These days, the importance of the coverage of ads is growing as well. Clickadu is paying a lot of attention to the issue. To be able to compete in this division they offer different formats

Instant Text SMS: Instant text connect with users directly, as its sole method of communication is via mobile. Mobile users can view ads through instant text. As a mobile user, you decide whether you are interested in these ads or not after reading the ads.

Video Pre-Rolla common internet user is likely to be familiar with this feature. You’ll see these videos when you stream live or browse websites hosting videos. You will see these advertisements.

“Push Ads: Push ads is quite like a video advertisement. In this form you’ll be able to see tiny messages pop onto your screen as you surf through different websites. Even when you’re not doing any browsing, messages may appear in your display.

Pop UnderPop-under advertisement format is quite different. In this form, it is possible to show the advert when you leave a page. In essence, they are paying close attention to the user whenever they exit the site so they can display their advertisements.

Skim LinkThe the most costly video format in comparison to other formats because it permits you to get high-quality traffic. It can provide you with many advantages, even though it’s quite expensive.

Features of the top Clickadu Accounts

  • In clickadu, there’s no requirement for traffic. Therefore, publishers and advertisers can make use of these networks
  • The process of installing clickadu is simple. Publishers who do not like the complexity of things can easily utilize this program.
  • Different kinds of options for withdrawal are accessible on Clickadu for both publishers and advertisers, including multiple withdrawals and on-demand withdrawals
  • Multi-format monetization provides greater returns

Rules and payment methods

When it comes to payment, clickadu isn’t difficult to make use of. Publishers can be paid using a variety of different services. They include Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Crypto, and so on.

A minimum of $10 is required for clickadu. You have to pay twice per week if you’re an advertiser. You can also take money out at any time during the pay period.

In addition the Premium publishes category is another choice. Distributors with higher performance utilize this category. They are able to take their money out whenever they want.

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